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StringFire's infectious spirit of musical fun infiltrates the hearts and feet of musicians and dancers alike. The combination of classical training, tune writing, and superb improvisational skills creates an out-of-the-ordinary groove you won't want to miss!

StringFire's dynamic, wide-ranging repertoire is driven by Patti Cobb’s bluesy piano and Erik Ievins' vibrant bass and sonorous, sparkling cello. The fiery, intricate work of dual fiddles completes StringFire's signature sound, developed by James MacQueen and Annie (Rodier) Turano.

StringFire with Annie & James on fiddles
Now that James and Annie have each moved to other states, Caroline McCaskey has taken the lead fiddler role. (She is featured on StringFire's debut CD Spindriftin’.) James and/or Annie may join in if either is in town or can travel, and spectacular local fiddlers Shira Kammen or Elizabeth Dequine may also fill the fiddle bill when they can.


StringFire picture
StringFire with James & Caroline on fiddles


Erik Ievins provides the foundation on bass with his meticulous and creative style. Classically trained since he was old enough to hold a bow, Erik joined professional symphony and pops orchestras while still in high school, subsequently discovered the joy of fiddle music (on a cello!) and has been delighting dancers around the country. With a gift to hear what's missing and add just the right touch, Erik's versatility is sought after on stage or in the recording studio improvising for songwriters. Along with his cello magic and bass exuberance, he's an avid dancer and sound technician. Dance tunes he writes are guaranteed to be the wackiest of the group, though Patti can come close.

Patti Cobb’s strong, solid piano keeps dancers' feet moving and grooving, while luscious counter melodies add sparkle and delight. A longtime dancer herself (Scottish, English & contra), Patti sports a degree in music, and has played many dance styles alongside her slumming in rock bands over the years. She writes wonderful tunes that, like most of us, come straight from her soul. Her versatility, kindness and enthusiasm are matched only by her ability to improvise blues— ironic, since she contributes so much to the joy we feel when playing together.

Caroline McCaskey began violin lessons at age nine, and soon thereafter began learning fiddle tunes by ear from recordings. She joined the SF Scottish Fiddlers at age twelve; since then has picked up cello, oboe, percussion, viola and piano. She graduated with a degree in Music Composition from University of the Pacific in Stockton, added a Master's in viola performance, and has won championships playing the musical saw. An avid teacher and chamber music performer, Caroline has also toured nationally with the Celtic rock pirate band Potcheen, and was co-founder of and fiddler for the dance band Fiddlerats. After living in Colorado for several years, we are pleased that she has returned to call the SF Bay Area her home.

James MacQueen absorbed Scottish fiddle music in the womb, then grew up dancing and playing. When he asked to learn fiddle and got classical violin lessons instead, he learned fiddle on his own. A prolific song writer and accomplished orchestral and chamber music player, he graduated with a degree in performance and composition from University of the Pacific in Stockton, and a Master's in violin performance at University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. James enjoys contemporary improvisation as well as writing tunes in many different styles, and he brings wonderful energy and great skill and creativity to the band. Not content to let Erik take the honors for wackiest tunes, he's contributed a few of his own. James' life has transitioned to Ohio as he follows his musical spouse to grad school, but he still manages to join us once in a while for musical excitement.

After asking for a violin at age 3, Annie Turano has barely put it down for a moment since! A graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory, Annie has won concerto competitions and collaborated with many fine chamber and orchestral players including the Zaira Quartet and SF Symphony Youth Orchestra. As concertmistress, she led the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra on a European tour. Annie has also explored world folk and improvisational music, and recorded with the Bluegrass-Gospel band, "Living H2O". A stellar performer and teacher, she's transitioning to Indiana to see what life has to offer. We look forward to any excuse to import her to play gigs and dance weekends with us, at home or on the road.



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